The Proofing Grounds

Professional Copy Editing and Proofreading:

 Theses * Dissertations * Websites * Articles * Books * Manuscripts

      Whether you are writing a thesis, dissertation, web page content, book, article, or a personal memoir, you want your copy to be concise and free of awkward prose, grammatical errors, and misspellings.

      As an experienced copy editor and proofreader, I can provide you with perfect copy for your website and other editorial needs.

  • I have been proofing theses and dissertations since the 1980s for graduate students at the University of Florida. I work with hard copy and/or attachments in Microsoft Word.

  • I have published articles in Army Magazine, Florida Living Magazine, a U.F. newsletter titled History Speaks, and many other periodicals.

  • I have researched and written copy for numerous World War II posters for presentation at public programs.

  • I have written and narrated an hour-long documentary titled I Just Wanted to Live! about four American prisoners of war held by the Japanese.

  • In 2009, I presented a paper at the 43rd annual Oral History Association Conference titled How to Produce a Low Budget Documentary:  Giving Life to Death in Time of War.

      Please contact me by e-mail to discuss your work.

  phone:  (352) 378-3726

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